Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health Care

In the developing world, majority of maternal and infant deaths occur during and in the first few days of life for newborn.

Our focus is to provide a continuum of care to mothers before conception, during pregnancy, during birth, after birth and to their babies until they turn 5 years of age.

Our major aim is to improve maternal, newborn and child health in rural communities of Uganda.

We provide mothers and their babies with quality health care services and equip them home care practices aimed at improve MNCH. Operating within a holistic, respectful, collaborative care model, WSI provides the following services to mothers, their children and the wider community under the Individual and Community Case Management(ICCM) which focuses on promoting access and utilization of;

Family planning, Antenatal and post Natal services, counseling for maternal mental health,HIV and STI prevention, health education, fistula and cervical cancer awareness, health workers capacity building and at-least 4 ANC visits, referrals, emergency obstetric and newborn, immunization & vaccination, laboratory services, safe births attended to by skilled health workers and other alternative medicine services like prenatal yoga.

Financial Literacy & Inclusion:

WSI conducts financial literacy classes through the Pakasa Enterprise for Mothers(PEM) program to support livelihoods through equipping women with knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and finance management. Gives microcredit and coaches women to start and grow micro-enterprises. With a stable and sustainable income, mothers are able to meet their basic needs and those of their children and access quality healthy services. The mothers are also empowered to actively participate in the economic activities of their communities.

Food & Nutrition:

WSI recognizes the importance of good nutrition for women & children therefore, we conduct training in agronomic practices, child nutrition, child health, vegetable gardening,

preparing healthy meals among others for mothers. These are aimed at improving the health of both the mother & developing child. The program also offers other resources mothers and their babies need to grow and feed their households on nutritious food in a sustainable way.

Agriculture is a major source of food and livelihoods for many women in Uganda. We therefore support mothers to increase production for food security and income generation. We do this through trainings in good agronomic climate change responsive and adaptation practices, seed support value addition and linking them to markets for the produce/products.

As much as good nutrition is key women are encouraged not only to feed well but also make agriculture both for nutrition and financial support by growing different crops for sale which is an addition to their finances and this extra incomes help them to access quality health services.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene:

WSI focuses on ensuring that mothers and their children along with the households, access safe water practice standard sanitation and good hygiene practices. This is done through capacity building, service provision and partnership with Government and Non-State Actor.

Gender based violence:

WSI works against gender based violence of women and children for them to have better health and rights and not be discriminated in society. Through this program Legal and Education(LES)our efforts are directed towards promoting school retention to reduce early marriages for the girl child, teenage pregnancies and empower girls to make informed decisions, girls enrollment, life skills training and vocational skilling childprotection,legal redress for SGBV and property rights violations, social accountability and collaboration.

WSI also looks at Sexual Reproductive Health Rights(SRHR) as atool to increase health rights for preventing GBV through the promotion and protection of women’s rights to have control and decide freely over matters related to sexuality and its effects.


In order to tackle teenage pregnancy and empower girls to make informed decisions about their lives, WSI focuses girls enrollment & retention in school, life-skills training and vocational skilling.