About us

Our Story

Women Stretch Initiative (WSI) is a Not for profit Non- Government Organization founded in 2017 as a Community Based Organization to support women and children access quality health care with  the aim  to reduce  high  mortality of women and children mainly  in the rural communities of Uganda.

WSI therefore stands to Promote Women and Child Rights to health in the rural areas of Uganda.

WSI works  in Buikwe  & Kayunga Districts in Uganda. We are part of the local, national and international networks including the Young African Leaders Institute, World Pulse and SRHR alliance.

Target Group

Our work is with women,children,expectant mothers, youth community and health workers, nurses and midwives,Male change agents, child protection commitees,local government, civil society and private sector. We target rural communities because they suffer most with limited quality health services.

Our Objectives

To ensure access to health services for women,children,expectant mothers and neonates to receive quality health services.
To strengthen community and home based health care for women and children.
To Support livelihood and economic rights for women and children.
To empower expectant mothers with knowledge about maternal and child health and nutrition.
To build financially inclusive communities where mothers can access and utilise affordable financial services to support their families.

Our Values

We shall be accountable, transparent and truthful to our partners, supporters and the community we serve.
Growth & Sustainability:
Our desire is to see women grow and ably sustain themselves and their children as well as participate in community leadership spaces.
We seek to promote timely and quality access and utilization of social services for mothers and their children.
We trust that mothers have the ability to influence provision of better social services.
We will ensure that our interventions benefit the diverse groups of community equitably.

Why Women and Child health

Every day, 15 women die in Uganda from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes, 94 babies are stillborn and 81 newborn babies die. This equates to 69,570 deaths each year due to complications during pregnancy, childbirth and in the first month of a baby’s life. Many of these deaths are from causes that are largely preventable, with mothers’ deaths attributed to the three delays: Delay in deciding to seek care, delay in reaching the healthcare centers and delay in receiving adequate care.

Babies die mainly due to complications of prematurity, complications at birth and neonatal infections while several children are affected by malnutrition.

Malnutrition it is particularly devastating to women and children. It impairs educational achievements and economic productivity, costing the government and families enormous amounts of money to treat related illnesses.

Adequate nutrition is a prerequisite for human development and socioeconomic well-being. Different forms of malnutrition affect different groups of people in Uganda. However, it is during the ‘window of opportunity’ the 1,000 days from conception through the child’s second birthday that the greatest returns to effective action to prevent malnutrition are realized. Our aim is to improve maternal and children nutrition with special emphasis on women of reproductive age, infants, and young children.